Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A weekend away...

Over the past weekend, my boyfriend and I went down to Boorowa, which is near Yass in South West NSW. His family friend owns about 800acres of land and we stayed on the property there, just us. The farm hands were there during the day, which was nice as they told us a few places on the property to visit and took us to some newly acquired land and we got to see them sowing. It was quite a weekend. We just drove around the paddocks, taking pictures and then at night relaxed by an open fire.

The cows were very lazy! They just sat around and didn't do much. What a life!

Taken with a fish-eye lens on top of the highest hill we could get to. There were amazing clouds that afternoon. We sat and watched them move over the rolling hills for little while after this.
This is a lovely little Merino, which we named Betty. She and her friend, Beryl, seemed to have lost of their friends and were sitting in a paddock by themselves for the whole weekend. She's very cute!

Back in Sydney, I have just been working and trying to get motivated to get my shop up and running. I have all the photos, I just need to find some words! I am not 100% happy with the photos but I really want to get it up and running and I can slowly change the pictures too. I'm not sure if thats what I want to do yet. I think I might have to sleep on it.

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