Thursday, March 27, 2008

something to show you

I've been busy lately getting everything ready for my Etsy shop which is currently sitting empty over here. Getting all of my artworks turned into prints, cards and postcards has been a fun and sometimes stressful experience but they look pretty good even if I do say so myself! Hopefully once I get some proper photographs I will be able to sell some of them! Below are examples of the postcards and the cards featuring my work.

My work is inspired by girls in magazines and as you may see in my coming blogs I am obssessed with girls in bathing suits with old fashioned swimming caps. Probably due to a spread in Frankie magazine from September/October last year. I have done a mini series based on some of the poses the models struck then gave them a new life with different suits and co-ordinating hats. They are very classy ladies, each with a different personality. You can see one of them above in purple and blue as a gift card and soon these will be print, postcard and card sets on my Etsy shop.

This is another little artwork I finished over the weekend. She's very dramatic I think.

From drawing... finished work.

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