Wednesday, March 26, 2008

hello blogland!

I'm very new to the blog scene and am a little nervy about my first post! I thought I'd share some pictures of my workspace. Its not quite a studio yet, just a desk and some cork boards in my bedroom until I can get more space somehow!

I have covered the boards with inspiring pictures and other artist's work that make me want to create. Some of my favourites up there that I recommend a look are My Folk Lover, Fafi, Smitten by Stephanie, Stina Persson, Katherine Brickman, Kat McLeod and Tim Walker.
Coloured pencils make me happy!

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Anna Laura said...

I love workspace pictures!

I'm also still on medium. I didn't realise the jump to hard was so big. I've got a few songs in hard, but I'm stuck on Wolfmother. Guitar Solo C is very tricky, even on the slowest speed in practice!